Shark Beauty Hair Tools

Confidently create salon styles at home with Shark Beauty’s versatile hair products, from bouncy blow-dries and sleek, straight styles to beachy waves and perfectly-defined curls. Perfect for all hair types.

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Hair care FAQ

No hair type is the same, and no hair routine is the same! Unique to the Shark hair care range, you have the option to follow the product’s recommended heat and airflow settings to dry, nourish and care for your hair, or adjust the settings manually so that you can experiment with different results and find a routine that works for you.
Think about what kind of hair styles you want to achieve, and what kind of hair you have. Hair styling tools with interchangeable attachments, such as Shark FlexStyle and Shark STYLE iQ, make a versatile choice, allowing you to switch up your style for every occasion, outfit or mood.
Styling your hair with excessive heat, or using heat for a long time, can cause heat damage – that's why Shark Beauty is dedicated to creating products that cause no heat damage to your hair, so you can create salon-worthy styles without compromising your hair health.
We recommend keeping your FlexStyle hair products organised within our dedicated storage case, so you can keep things organised, grab the attachment you need on-demand, and easily take it with you when you travel.
Some popular hair tools include hair dryers and air stylers, which both use air power to style and dry hair with interchangeable attachments to add shape, volume, smoothness and shine - such as oval brushes and paddle brushes, curlers, diffusers and more. 

About Shark Beauty

In 2021, we launched our debut high-performance hair dryer, delivering fast, healthy drying and styling for all hair types.

Today, Shark Beauty continues to celebrate all hair types, textures and lengths, creating powerful products with all hair types in mind – and never compromising on hair health. Shark Beauty is For All Hairkind—we celebrate the diverse, the eclectic, and the yet-to-be celebrated hair, because we understand that all hair types are beautiful.