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Student life can be messy. Whether you're preparing for your first year of university or have recently graduated, you’ll be able to keep your halls or house clean with our range of Vacuums, Steam Mops and Air Purifiers, and look the part thanks to Shark Beauty.
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Student FAQs

Day-to-day cleaning is usually the individual student’s responsibility. You should keep your own room clean and tidy, and be jointly responsible with your housemates for communal spaces like the kitchen. This includes (but is not limited to) wiping down surfaces, washing up, emptying bins and vacuuming.  

Halls of residence and student houses may be subject to regular cleanliness inspections and can charge a professional cleaning fee if they’re not up to scratch. At the end of tenancy, additional cleaning charges could be taken out of your security deposit too. 

Purpose-built halls tend to provide vacuums as standard, but these are to be shared between your flat or floor. Rather than having to empty everyone’s dirt and debris from the dust container or bag, and wait your turn when it comes to hoovering, it’s a good idea to invest in your own.  

We’d especially recommend our 2-in-1 WandVac as this small space solution transforms from a lightweight cordless vacuum into a handheld, and comes in a range of stylish colours. 


Cleaning tips for Students

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From sharing the workload to cleaning as you go, we share our tips on how to maintain a reasonably clean and tidy living environment that’s conducive to study.

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Tidy House, Tidy Mind

Practise the art of mindfulness while you create a clean, calm living and study space.

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