Detect Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

The ultra-lightweight, deep cleaning cordless vacuum that
adapts to every mess & empties itself.
Detect Technology
Adapts to every cleaning challenge

Four intelligent technologies do the thinking for you, automatically detecting and removing hidden dirt and debris in your home and optimising performance.

Power & Intelligence
Deep clean all

Deep cleaning? Consider it done. The Detect Pro is ultra-lightweight, whilst offering powerful suction and a deep clean on all floors.


If you choose an Auto-Empty model, dock the vacuum on the base when you’ve finished cleaning, and it will empty for you. Breathe easy with up to 340x less dust exposure vs traditional emptying*.

(Selected models only).

Detect Pro FAQs

Auto empty is the perfect solution for those who forget to empty their vacuum frequently, dislike the task, or simply want to avoid the cloud of allergens, dander, pet hair and more that are released back into the air when emptying the dust cup.  

Instead of the traditional method of emptying into a bin or bag, simply secure your self-emptying model to the charging dock and sit back as it automatically traps the dirt and debris directly into the base.  

Depending on your chosen model, you can avoid emptying the base for up to 30 or 45 days. 

Ultra-lightweight, Shark Detect Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaners range from 2.66kg to 2.78kg. Powerful performance, 25% lighter**. The AED base weighs: 3.79kg (1.3L) / 4.09kg (2L).