Shark Spare Filter Kit

£ 9.99

Help to keep your Shark upright vacuum in peak condition with a replacement filter kit.

Compatible with: AZ912 Series, AZ913 Series, NZ850 Series, NZ860 Series.

How to clean Shark vacuum filter: Simply rinse the filters with water and let them air dry completely before re-inserting into the unit. You can also tap loose dirt off filters between washes as needed. Allow all filters to air-dry completely before reinstalling them. Check your instruction booklet to locate your filters.

How often to clean your vacuum filter: We recommend rinsing your vacuum cleaner’s foam and felt filter kit every month and rinsing the washable post-motor filter once a year. However this will vary by product, so please check your instruction booklet for more information.

What does a vacuum cleaner filter do? Vacuum cleaner filters catch tiny dust particles in the exhaust air before it is expelled from your vacuum. If the filters aren’t regularly cleaned, this dust can build up until they get blocked, preventing the air from escaping properly. This can reduce suction power.