Shark Car Detail Kit

£ 24.99

Easily valet car interiors with this selection of mini detailing tools, plus a flexible hose to help you reach further. Great for cleaning and dusting crevices including door pockets, dashboards and around controls.

Compatible with: AX910 Series, AZ910 Series, HV330 Series, HV380 Series, HV390 Series, HZ400 Series, HZ500UK, HZ500UKT, HZ3000UKT, IC160 Series, ICZ160 Series, ICZ300UK, ICZ300UKT, IF200 Series, IF250 Series, IF130 Series, IF260 Series, NV600 Series, NV601 Series, NV602UK, NV602UKT, NV612UK, NV612UKT, NV620UKT, NV681 Series, NV700 Series, NZ690UK, NZ690UKT, NZ710UK, NZ710UKT, NZ801UK, NZ801UKT.