Shark Anti Hair Wrap Pet Power Brush

£ 19.99

Easily removing embedded pet hair from stairs, sofas, rugs and upholstery, this essential tool features an air-driven brush-roll to help draw out hairs. Anti Hair Wrap Technology removes hair from the brush-roll as you clean, helping to keep it free of tangles.

Compatible with: AZ910UK, AZ910UKT, AZ912UK, AZ912UKT, AZ950UK, AZ950UKT, HZ400UKT, HZ500UK, HZ500UKT, PZ1000UK, PZ1000UKT, NV602UK, NV602UKT, NV702UK, NV702UKT, NZ801UK, NZ801UKT, NZ850UK, NZ850UKT, NZ690UK, NZ690UKT, NZ860UK, NZ860UKT, HZ3000UKT.