Multi Angle Dusting Brush

£ 14.99

Perfect for dusting flat surfaces, above furniture and removing cobwebs from ceilings and fans, this flexible tool features angled dusting bristles and a soft felt underside to help prevent scratches.

Compatible with: AX910 Series, AZ910 Series, HV330 Series, HV380 Series, HV390 Series, HZ3000UKT, HZ500 Series, IC160 Series, ICZ160 Series, ICZ300 Series, NV600 Series, NV601 Series, NV602 Series, NV612 Series, NV620UKT, NV680 Series, NV681 Series, NV700 Series, NV702 Series, NV800 Series, NV801 Series, NZ690 Series, NZ710 Series, NZ801 Series.