Shark Pet Power Brush

£ 19.99

With an air-driven bristle brush-roll, this Shark pet tool easily removes embedded pet hair from stairs and soft furnishings.

Compatible with: AZ910 Series, AZ912UK, AZ912UKT, AZ950UK, AZ950UKT, CV100UKT, HZ400 Series, HZ500UK, HZ500UKT, IC160 Series, ICZ160 Series, ICZ300UK, ICZ300UKT, NV600 Series, NV601 Series, NV602UK, NV602UKT, NV612UK, NV612UKT, NV620UKT, NV681 Series, NZ801UK, NZ801UKT, NZ850UK, NZ850UKT, PZ1000UK, PZ1000UKT.

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