Become a Shark Influencer

Have you got a thriving social media presence and a love of Shark products? We’re looking to connect with social media influencers to work with on a collaboration basis 

What are we looking for in an influencer? 

This isn’t about a large number of followers – we’re looking for accounts or individuals who have a genuine love of Shark products and whose social channels would be a good match for the Shark brand, to help create unique content throughout the year. We place a real value on working with active accounts run by those who are part of thriving communities, that we can build a lasting connection with. Does this sound like you?

How does it work?

If this sounds good and you’d like to apply to work with us as a content creator then simply fill in the form below to register your interest so we can get to know you a little better. When we’ve got an opportunity to work with new influencers, we'll review all the applications and reach out to any accounts we feel would be a good fit for the campaign. This could be for the launch of a new product or to gain additional coverage on an existing range. If we feel you would be a good fit, we will send you some details on the campaign through our influencer platform Klear, and what we’re hoping to achieve by working together, and along with details on how to apply if you’re interested in taking part! Please note we’re only looking to work with creators based in the UK at this time.