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Steam Cleaning Windows

by Shark Clean
on 12th February 2014

Cleaning windows is one of the most crucial household tasks anyone has to contend with, but it is also one of the most difficult. With so many products on the market, finding the best one for the job can be a long process of trial and error. Do you use paper to polish your windows? Or is a soft-fibre cloth best? With so much advice and best practices on offer, it is easy to see why so many people struggle to keep their windows clean and free from streaks. However, a state-of-the-art steam mop from Shark® could be the answer.

Removing dirt and grime from windows is relatively easy, but creating a streak-free shine usually involves the right blend of elbow grease, materials and cleaning agents. However, with a Shark® Lift-Away™ mop’s detachable steamer, you can take the stress out of window cleaning forever.


The technology included in Shark’s® steam cleaners means they provide the ultimate solution for household cleaning tasks. They are ideal for creating a brilliant finish to laminate, hardwood floors and ceramic tiles, and with the detachable, hand-held steam cleaner, they can also be used to apply that same sparkle to windows.

The Shark® Lift-Away™ Steam Pocket® Mop is easy to use and compact. But perhaps the most impressive aspect of this innovative cleaning tool is the fact that it doesn’t require the use of chemicals to create a lasting shine. Steam pocket® technology ensures that steam is distributed evenly across the mop’s micro-fibre head, so your windows won’t be left with stubborn streaks and smudges. Precision engineered Shark® steam mops are programmed to use only the amount of water that is necessary.

Everything required for spotlessly clean windows comes as standard with Shark’s® Lift-Away™ steam mop. A hand-held, portable steamer makes reaching the trickiest of windows a simple and safe process. An accessory hose is included to make adapting to different cleaning jobs quick and seamless. Thanks to a specialised window squeegee, bringing out the best in windows is an effortless task.


In order to ensure that your windows truly are streak free after cleaning, it is always best to clean when there is no direct light shining onto them. Choose from the three settings available – dust, mop and scrub – and gently rub the Steam Pocket® mop head over the surface of your windows in small sections – taking care to cover every inch.

The ability to hold your steam cleaner with one hand will allow you to reach even the most awkward of windows. Shark® steam mop heads are also double-sided with micro fibres, so you can always ensure that you’re not spreading the dirt and grime you’ve removed over your newly cleaned windows.

Shark® steam mops utilise the optimum amount of heat and water, so you won’t be left with excess on your windows after cleaning. Because no cleaning agents are needed, you won’t be left with unsightly chemical residues that can be as stubborn as the dirt you’re trying to remove.

Cleaning windows is one of the trickier household cleaning jobs to master. Even the slightest watermark or residue can leave them looking dirty and unattractive. However, a Shark® steam mop makes cleaning windows a quicker, easier and far more effective process.

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