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Steam your carpet

by Shark Clean
on 14th November 2014

Nothing beats the comfort, warmth and softness that a deep-pile carpet can bring to a home. While hardwood floors, lino and vinyl may be easier to maintain, they simply can’t compete with the luxurious benefits delivered by thick carpet.

Keeping such a dense floor covering clean and free from stains is one of the few drawbacks of fitting carpet in a home, so it pays to have a handy cleaning solution available at all times. And having one of Shark’s revolutionary Steam Pocket mops at your disposal could be enough to keep the carpets in your home in tip-top condition at all times.


While it’s always great to have the power of Shark Steam Pocket mops available to deal with stains and ground-in dirt, there is no escaping that fact that preventing dirt from entering the home is usually the most effective way of keeping your carpets clean. Place doormats at all of your home’s doorways, and they will take the brunt of regular traffic rather than your carpet.


By vacuuming regularly with one of Shark’s cyclonic vacuum cleaners, you can make sure dirt and foodstuffs are cleared away before feet grind them into your carpet’s pile. Make vacuuming a way of life in your home, and the chances are stubborn stains and marks will never get the chance to form. However, when they do – and they inevitably will – quick and decisive action may be needed. This is where your Shark Steam Pocket mop will prove invaluable.


Shark steam mops are ideal for cleaning smooth surfaces such as tile and vinyl. However, you may never have associated your steam mop with carpet cleaning. But by quickly attaching the Shark Carpet Glider accessory to your Steam Pocket head, your mop is capable of lifting up even the most ground-in dirt and grime – all without the need to use potentially damaging cleaning chemicals.

Normal cleaning techniques rarely work with deep-pile carpets, as they rely on direct contact with dirt and stains. However, intense and concentrated steam loosens stains through a combination of heat and moisture. Start by brushing your carpet with a thick-bristle brush or deck scrub. This will loosen larger particles of dirt. You should then vacuum the entire area – Shark’s cyclonic vacuum cleaning systems are ideal for the job. Your carpet should now be ready for Shark’s evenly distributed steam power.

The Carpet Glider attachment simply snaps in place over the Steam Pocket head, and allows for a smooth gliding motion across the top of your carpet. This means the fibres aren’t damaged, but they are thoroughly cleaned with intense steam. It’s probably best to choose the ‘dust’ intensity setting for carpets.

You will quickly find that stains and ground-in dirt are loosened by the sheer power of steam alone. However, this may leave you with some debris to clear away afterwards. Because Shark steam mops use the optimum amount of water for the job, your carpets won’t be saturated after cleaning – in the way some dedicated carpet cleaners leave them. You should be able to vacuum the loosened dirt immediately, leaving your carpet looking like new. In order to ensure your carpet is given the opportunity to dry completely, you should ventilate the room and prevent people from walking over the area you’ve just cleaned for between two and three hours.

When you compare a professional cleaning service with the cost of purchasing a Shark Steam Pocket mop, it is clear that an initial outlay on your own powerful cleaning system has the potential to save you thousands of pounds every year. Easy to use and extremely powerful, a Shark Steam Pocket mop could be the answer to all your carpet-cleaning prayers.

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