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Shark Lift-Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner - NV600UK

What’s in the box

1 x Main Unit

1 x Upholstery Tool

1 x 2 in 1 Crevice Tool

1 x Dust-Away Attachment and Pad

8m Flex

Quick Start Guide

Instruction Booklet

SKU: NV600UK-support sharkclean_co_uk_NV600UK_support
Colour Shark Steel Grey/Blue
Product Weight 6.2kg
Product Dimensions 117 x 31 x 34cm
Wattage 850W
Floor Types Carpet & Hard Floor
Capacity 0.88L
Cord Length 8m
Filter Washable Filters
Hose Length 2.15M
Guarantee 5 Years
Energy Efficiency A
Noise Level 88 db
Annual Energy Consumption 26.3 kWh/annum
Ideal for Pets No
Barcode 0622356220712
  • Yes, this model comes with a foam and felt filter kit and we recommend that you rinse them every month.

  • Up to 2.15m

  • The motor is 850W

  • Solid Green: The brush rolls are on and working as they should.

    Solid Red: There is a jam in the brush roll area. Turn your vacuum off and remove the blockage.

    No Light: The brush rolls are off because the vacuum is off.

  • 3.5kg

  • 1. Turn the power off using the power button on the vacuum pod.

    2. Unplug the vacuum.

    3. Check for clogs in the hose or filter. Clear any clogs and wash filters if necessary.

    4. Wait a minimum of 45 minutes for the vacuum to cool, then plug the vacuum in.

    5. Turn the power switch on to start the vacuum.

  • Make sure that the carpet height selector is not on the HARD FLOOR setting. If brush roll indicator light on the floor nozzle turns red, the brush roll has stopped spinning due to a blockage. Immediately turn off and unplug vacuum, disconnect the nozzle and remove blockage before reconnecting and turning vacuum back on. Pull the handle toward you and release the floor nozzle to disengage the auto-off feature.

  • Pull up on the dust cup release latch and lift the dust cup off the pod.

  • With the dust cup removed, remove and rinse the foam and felt filters every 3 months. Let air dry completely before replacing. Hand wash only. Tap loose dirt off filters between washes as needed

  • First, remove the cord from the cord clip, then press the wand release button located near the top of the canister behind the wand. Gently pull up on the handle to remove the wand. Add the desired accessory to the end of the wand and begin cleaning. To replace, simply guide the wand behind the canister and press down until you hear a click.

  • The cord is 8 meters long.

  • All of our Shark Clean products have a 12 month warranty.

    Vacuum Cleaners

    Our confidence in our design and quality control means that your new Shark vacuum cleaner is guaranteed for a total of 5 years*.

    *12 months plus an extended warranty period of 4 years, subject to registration within 28 days of purchase when purchased from a retailer.

    Steam Mops

    Our Steam Mops are covered by a 12 month guarantee, extendable to a total warranty period of 2 years (subject to registration).

    Click here to register your warranty.

    If you have purchased directly from Shark Clean UK, your warranty is automatically registered for you.

Car Detail Kit
Under Appliance Wand for NV600/ NV601/ NV680/ NV681/ NV800/ NV801/ AX910/ HV300/ HV320/ HV380
Pet Power Brush (Grey)
Upholstery Tool for NV340/ NV600/ NV601/ NV680/ NV681/ NV800/ NV801
Foam & Felt Filter for NV600/ NV601/ NV700
Filter Holder for NV600/ NV601
Body/Motor Base for NV600UK
Dust Cup for NV600UK/ NV601UK
Front Grill for NV600UK/ NV601UK
Handle & Hose for NV600UK/ NV601UK

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