Shark Fans

Shark’s innovative fans combine power, style and versality to help you own your oasis, wherever you are. With corded and cordless modes, cooling mist attachments and more, discover a smarter way to beat the heat.


Klik ‘n' Flip Technology

Converts with 12 versatile modes

Outdoors or indoors. Corded or cordless. Desktop or pedestal. With or without the mister attachment. The choice is yours! With a single button press, FlexBreeze can convert into a desk or pedestal indoor fan, with continuous corded power. Or use it outside, without the need to plug it in, thanks to its long-lasting rechargeable battery.

Dirt Grip Technology

Whisper-quiet, yet incredibly powerful

Experience cooling breeze up to 20 metres away. Even on the highest settings, FlexBreeze’s ultra quiet blades create a white noise that’s gentle enough to use in the bedroom.

Steam Blaster

Keep your cool

FlexBreeze makes it easy to stay cool, whether you run hot or cold. Find your sweet spot with 5 powerful fan speeds. The fan also features 180° oscillation and 55° tilt to sufficiently circulate the air.

Steam Blaster

InstaCool Misting Attachment

Enjoy a revitalising spritz of water with the included misting attachment. Designed for use with a hose pipe, it clips onto the fan’s front grill to deliver a cooling mist. And when you need a break, simply twist the on/off valve.

Fan FAQs

A powerful motor spins FlexBreeze's fan blades to create cooling airflow. This moving airflow helps create a wind chill effect in which flowing air helps sweat evaporate faster, cooling the skin.
Sleeping with a fan on can help you stay cool during the night. Many people find the white noise of a fan soothing when drifting off to sleep. Moving air can resuspend settled particles and keep them airborne for longer and may exacerbate allergy symptoms. Try these 10 tips to help you sleep better, even in hot weather…
When used with the misting attachment, FlexBreeze Fans can provide an extra cooling effect. First, flowing air cools your body as it touches your skin. Second, a fine mist is generated. Water droplets are carried in the airflow, and when they reach your skin, they can provide a cooling effect on contact. Third, evaporation creates an extra cooling sensation on your skin as the mist dries.
Placing a fan next to clothes drying on a clothes horse, airer or drying rack can create a fresh flow of circulating air, which helps clothes dry faster.
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