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Fun ways to clean your bathroom!

by Mrs Rackley
on 29th March 2017


Now let’s be honest cleaning the bathroom isn’t normally the most exciting task but with a few little tricks you can make it a little more enjoyable and less daunting!

1. New cleaning products or tools

One thing that always makes me actually want to clean my bathrooms is when I have an exciting new product or cleaning gadget to use. If you’re feeling like you’ve lost your bathroom cleaning mojo have a wonder down the cleaning aisle of the supermarket and grab yourself a new bathroom cleaner or even a shiny new steam mop, guaranteed to make you want to go home and get your clean on!

2. A power cleaning playlist

Music has a great way of influencing your mood, so creating a short collection of upbeat songs on a “cleaning playlist” will help to make the task more entertaining. I often blast a good song and turn bathroom scrubbing into a little co-ordinated boogie, think disco dance moves on the bathroom tiles but with a cloth in your hand – burn some extra calories and a shiny bathroom = win win!

3. Set a time limit

Give yourself half an hour to power through the bathroom so it doesn’t become a never ending task or combine with the music playlist and tell yourself you need to finish when the fourth song is finished for example. Knowing that the end is in sight can be motivating!

4. Before and after photos

Take a photo of the bathroom before you begin, especially any areas with built up grime and another photo when you finish to compare. Seeing the change side by side is so much more satisfying and motivating to keep it clean.

5. Scented products

I love using scented cleaning products, as not only can I see that the bathroom looks clean but it also smells good even after I’ve finished. Guests often comment on nice smells when they visit which is always a nice feeling!


6. Teamwork makes the dream work

Rope your other half or flatmate into helping if you can, it will get the job done quicker and it’s always more fun with a friend. Alternatively, you do one bathroom and task your other half/friend with another room and see who can finish first – it’s amazing how much more you can clean when you’re in a rush, especially before guests arrive!

7. Set a routine

having a clear idea of what tasks you’re going to complete in which order will make the task easier and quicker; it’s easy to become overwhelmed with cleaning when you feel that there is so much to do but no idea where to start. Also, when you have a routine it becomes like second nature and a sense of accomplishment when each step is completed.

My routine:
• Spray the taps and shower screens with limescale remover
• Spray bath/shower/toilet/sink with a bathroom cleaner
• Leave that to soak while I clean the bathroom wall tiles and mirror with an antibacterial spray
• Then go back and rinse and wipe those surfaces clean
• Steam over the sanitary ware and taps
• Give the toilet a good scrub with a clean toilet brush and pour in a scented toilet cleaner, leave for at least half an hour
• Polish stainless steel taps and towel rails with a cloth
• Finally, hoover the floor then spray scented cleaner on the floor tiles and go over them with my Shark steam mop.

8. Break it down

Break tasks into manageable chunks if all of the above seems too much in one go. Do half, have a cup of tea, then tackle the rest later or tomorrow.

9. Reward yourself!

I always find that having something positive as a treat after cleaning works well, like chocolate, a bubble bath or a glass of wine. Having something to look forward to as a reward is motivating and also acts as positive reinforcement.

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Mrs Rackley

Mrs Rackley is a home and lifestyle blogger with a real passion for interior décor, cleaning, cooking and organisation. She balances this with a full-time day job, so strives to find tools and methods that save time and energy to fit into a hectic schedule.  Her tried and tested tips and methods for cleaning, organising and general life, as well as photos of her home décor, can be found on her social media platforms.
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