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Cleaning Showers with Steam

by Shark Clean
on 6th March 2014

A set of glass shower doors can give a bathroom a distinctive and elegant look that a curtain simply can’t compete with. However, keeping shower doors sparkling clean can be a tough job – particularly if you live in an area of hard water. A combination of soap scum and limescale can accumulate on glass and leave an unsightly film that is incredibly difficult to remove. But by using a Shark® steam mop for the job, you can have your glass shower doors looking like new in no time.


You might think that limescale removers and all-purpose bathroom cleaners on their own should be enough to remove stubborn streaks and accumulations from your shower doors. However, even vigorous scrubbing and the most potent of chemicals can lead to disappointing results. Instead of spending hours and huge amounts of elbow grease trying to bring a sparkle to your shower doors, start by spraying them with a solution of household vinegar and water. Leave the solution to dissolve the soap scum and limescale for around two hours then wipe the doors down with a soft-fibred cloth. A Shark® steam mop will have everything you need, including a scrubber and a high-quality squeegee.


In order to reach all those tricky areas of your shower doors, you will need a portable steam mop that is lightweight and agile. The Shark® Lift-Away™ Professional Steam Pocket® Mop is ideal for the job, as it includes a detachable, handheld steamer that is incredibly easy to use. For particularly heavy accumulations of soap scum and limescale, the ‘scrub’ setting should be selected, but there are less intense settings for simple touch-ups and polishes.


The intensity and innovative design of Shark® steam mops mean you don’t have to stand there scrubbing for dear life. Instead, simply glide the microfibre cleaning pad of your Shark® steam mop over the glass. Shark®’s revolutionary Steam Pocket® technology ensures that just the right amount of steam is emitted across the whole surface of the mop head, so you won’t have to constantly go over the same areas. You should see the limescale and soap scum vanish almost immediately. And because Shark® steam mops use the minimum amount of water needed, you won’t be left with saturated glass and annoying streaks once you’ve finished.

If the surface of your mop head is picking up significant amounts of grime, limescale and soap scum, there is no need to stop and change it. That is because Shark® steam mops are double-sided, so all you need to do for a completely fresh cleaning surface is flip the mop head to the other side and continue with your cleaning.

If your doors are in a particularly inaccessible area, or they have hard-to-reach areas, your Shark® steam mop’s accessory hose will let you squeeze into the tightest of areas – meaning every inch of them can sparkle like new. Finish the job with a Shark® detail brush, and bring a lasting shine to your glass with the window squeegee that’s included with your Shark® Lift-Away™ Professional Steam Pocket Mop.


Once you have performed an initial clean with your Shark® steam mop, keeping your shower doors looking like new is simply a matter of regular top-up cleans – which will be quicker and easier than the initial job. And to ensure that your steam mop continues to perform at its impressive best, there are a range of accessories and replacement parts available, including a flexi hose, a filling flask, replacement Shark® Steam Pockets® and a specialised window cleaning attachment.

Household cleaning is a time-consuming yet essential task, but it can detract from your precious leisure time if haven’t got the right tools at your disposal. Shark® steam mops make cleaning shower doors and other areas of the home a far simpler and quicker task than is normally the case – giving you more time to enjoy the more important things in life.

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