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9 Secret Cleaning Jobs That Can Make Your Home Spotless

by Shark Clean
on 23rd November 2018

We all know the big jobs that form the core of cleaning. Cleaning upholstery, scrubbing the oven and defrosting the freezer are the major tasks that are always near the very top of a cleaning checklist.

But to make your home truly spotless, you’ll need to take care of the smaller jobs many people don’t even know exist.

Add these nine tasks to your cleaning checklist, and your home will be cleaner than ever.

1. Cleaning your ceiling

You probably never take a close look at your ceilings, so it’s easy to miss some serious issues them. Get on a step ladder, and take a close look — you might be surprised to find a layer of dust you didn’t know existed. Cobwebs, dirt, grease, smoke and everything else that you clean in other areas of your home exists on the average ceiling, so make sure it’s on your cleaning checklist.

2. Check underneath appliances

Deep cleaning your kitchen appliances is a classic cleaning task… but when was the last time you cleaned underneath them? Take the opportunity to move the appliance to take a look at the floor underneath it. Whether it’s a washing machine or a refrigerator, you might get a nasty surprise at what you see.

3. Clean your bins

If you have a lingering and unusually bad smell in a room, there’s a good chance that it’s coming from a bin. Deep clean all your bins — including outdoor bins — with a degreaser and a sanitiser. If you have a steam cleaner, it will do both jobs at the same time.

4. Clean your pillows and cushions

Pillows and cushions may look clean, but they could be harbouring a myriad of invisible nastiness. Everything from sweat to mites can be lurking underneath pillow and cushion cases, so make sure you wash them in the appropriate way. Check the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines, but most pillows and cushions can go straight into your washing machine.

5. Clean knows, handles and switches

When was the last time your sterilised your door handles? This is a job most people never even think about, but these surfaces have the potential to be the dirtiest in your home. Don’t mess about with cloths and sprays, however, as a few antibacterial wipes will do the trick.

6. Clean your mattresses

Mattresses are like pillows — they absorb sweat, dirt and odour for fun. If they’re not cleaned and aired regularly, they can start to smell, and become a real problem for allergy sufferers. Strip your beds, and beat your mattresses to remove any excess skin, dust and creepy crawlies. Spray the mattress with an alcohol solution (with a few added drops of essential oil for good measure). Finish by air drying then vacuuming the entire surface thoroughly.

7. Remove wall hangings and clean them

Don’t clean around your mirrors, pictures and wall art. Remove them from the wall, and clean them by hand. This will also give you the opportunity to check the exposed wall for dust and dirt.

8. Deep clean light fixtures and fittings

Out of sight, out of mind… right? Well, not always, as leaving light fittings to gather dust over several years can cause a nightmare for allergy sufferers in your home. Take lights down where you can, and clean them with microfibre cloths and the appropriate cleaning agents.

9. Explore the inner reaches of your furniture

Let’s face it, you can vacuum your sofa every day. But you should use your big clean to get deep into the inner reaches of your furniture’s frame. Use the crevice tool that came with your vacuum cleaner, and spend some time sucking up the crumbs, dirt, coins and general debris that gathers inside the average couch or armchair.

Get these lesser-known jobs on your checklist, and make this year’s big clean the best yet!

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