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7 Surprising Household Uses for Beer

by Shark Clean
on 6th February 2019

When most people think of beer, images of pubs, parties and fun come to mind. But there’s much more to this mix of grain, hops, yeast and water than meets the mouth. If you have beer in your home, you have a powerful household agent that can perform minor miracles — in several different ways.

Here are seven of the most surprising household uses for beer.

1. Marinate meat

Beer, along with a few other ingredients, makes a fantastic marinade for steaks and chicken. Not only does it add a distinctive flavour to barbecued meat, it keeps it tender and juicy. And the great thing about it is just a single bottle of beer is all you need to make delicious barbecue treats for the whole family.

2. Maintain the lawn

If you’re struggling with small patches of dead or dying grass on your lawn, you might want to give beer a try. Just a little trickle of a bitter or IPA could be enough to breathe new life into struggling areas of grass in your garden. This is because there are fermented sugars in beer that promote growth and strength in most grass species.

3. Shampoo

OK, to describe beer as a shampoo may be taking things a little too far. However, if your hair is looking tired and drab, a splash of beer just before shampooing could be just what the hairstylist ordered. Beer is packed with protein and nutrients important to hair health. Perform this ritual for a week or two, and you should notice a distinctive shine to your hair. It’s also worth remembering that the alcohol in beer is a great cleanser.

4. Remove carpet stains

If you’re treating a fresh stain or spillage on your carpet, adding a few drops of fresh lager could stop the issue from becoming permanent. The bubbles in beer can shift stains before they set in, but you have to use it sparingly. Clear away the initial mess, and vacuum the entire area. Pour a small amount of lager on the stain, and gently dab with absorbent paper towels. Repeat this process until the stain disappears.

5. A remedy for an upset stomach

Recent research has revealed that the ingredients in beer can help to ease an upset stomach. According to the study, certain beers speed up the process of “gastric emptying”. In other words, the stomach digests its contents faster than usual when there’s beer present. Obviously, this benefit would only ever be present when the beer is consumed in moderation.

6. Polish copper

Beer is a great copper polishing agent, thanks to its natural sugars and carbonation. Just like colas, the beer attacks the green corrosion that is caused through the oxidation process. Just rub neat beer into your copper ornaments, pans and old coins with a scourer. That’s all you need to restore your copper items to their former glory.

7. Remove rust

The tiny bubbles and natural sugars in beer — and lager in particular — are very effective at breaking down rust from a wide range of surfaces. Drench the surface (such as metal garden furniture) in beer, and leave it there for a few minutes. Scrape the rust with steel wool, and you should see it fall away without too much effort.

If you always have a six-pack in your fridge, you’ll never be short of options when something needs to be cleaned, polished or regrown.

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