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7 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You Time

by Shark Clean
on 12th August 2019

A typical family bathroom usually requires daily cleaning. But finding the time to keep on top of things can be almost impossible if you – and the other people in your household – lead busy lives.

Limescale, mould, mildew and grime don’t need too much encouragement to develop in a warm and damp bathroom – so regular cleaning is essential. If you’re struggling to find the time to keep your bathroom looking its best, there are seven very clever cleaning hacks that could make things a lot easier.

1. Shine metal fixtures with baby oil

Taps, shower heads and any other metal fixtures you might have in your bathroom can be prone to accumulations of soapscum and limescale. Once these nasty substances take hold, they can become very difficult to remove.

You can stop the formation of soapscum and limescale on the metal fixtures in your bathroom by applying a little baby oil. Just a light coating will make your taps and shower heads sparkle with very little effort – and stop limescale and soapscum build-ups before they start.

2. Attach a bag of vinegar to your shower head

Keeping the average shower head clear of limescale and grime can be very difficult. But don’t waste your time with an expensive cleaning agent and a scrubbing brush. Simply fill a sandwich bag with white vinegar, and attach it to your shower head with a cable tie. Leave it overnight, and you should find that the majority of limescale has dissolved by the morning.

3. Keep your bathroom smelling sweet by using toilet roll

You don’t need to scrub your bathroom clean with sprays and creams to create a sweet-smelling fragrance. Simply put a few drops of your favourite essential oils onto the inner core of your toilet roll. This will take just a couple of seconds, but its effects will last as long as your toilet roll does.

4. Remove soapscum with cooking spray

Soapscum can leave shower heads, shower doors, tiles and bathtubs looking dirty and old. But instead of using elbow grease to shift it, you can use cooking spray in a fraction of the time.

Simply spray the surfaces affected by soapscum with the cooking spray. The oil will need just 10 minutes to cut through everything. This is a great way to get rid of the dreaded bathtub ring.

5. Prevent mildew on shower curtains with salt

The scourge of mildew can leave a bathroom looking dirty and smelling very unpleasant. One place mildew loves is a shower curtain, but you can stop it in its tracks with the help of your bathtub and a cup of salt.

Run about two inches of warm water into your bath, and add a cup of table salt. Steep your shower curtain in the salty water for two hours – just before you hang it. The salt will prevent mildew from forming – keeping your bathroom smelling fresh without the effort.

6. Remove mildew on bath grouting and bathroom sealant with cotton coils

Mildew has a tendency to grow on sealant and grouting around baths. Instead of wasting your time scrubbing it away, you’ll get fantastic results in a fraction of the time by using cotton wool.

Using rubber gloves, soak the cotton wool in bleach, and lay them around the bath just before you go to bed. When you get up the following morning, the mildew should have completely vanished.

7. Keep mirrors clear with everyday products

Don’t spend money and your precious time cleaning your bathroom mirrors with specialised glass cleaners. Instead, keep a solution of one part white vinegar and four parts water in a spray bottle in your bathroom. Spray the mirror every morning, and wipe it down with a microfiber cloth.

Extra tip: If you’re trying to use a mirror in a hot and damp bathroom, you might find that it fogs up within seconds of wiping it. Rub shaving cream onto it with a paper towel to keep your mirror clear – it really works!

There are far more exciting and productive things to be doing with your time than cleaning a bathroom. Make these bathroom cleaning hacks part of your weekly household rituals, and you’ll drastically reduce the time you spend cleaning.

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