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10 Simple Storage Hack for a Tiny Bathroom

by Shark Clean
on 8th June 2017

If you and the people you live with struggle with just one bedroom, there’s a good chance that space is always at a premium. Not only does this make like difficult for everyone, it prolongs the amount of time each person spends in there.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. While you may not be able to see it now, your tiny bathroom can be made to work for everyone — all you need to do is make the best possible use of storage space. These 10 simple tips should get you started.

1. A basket wall

This not only gives you storage, it makes an interesting feature for your wall. Simply screw some poles onto your wall, and hang some baskets on them. Use this space for everything from towels to shampoo. It’s a convenient storage solution that is easy to use… and it doesn’t break the bank.

2. Towels on a ladder

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of the shower and finding that you don’t have a towel. In many cases, this scenario occurs because of a lack of storage. A low-tech, low-cost solution to this age-old problem is a ladder. Buy a second-hand ladder from a car boot sale or market, paint it an appropriate colour, and rest it against a wall. In an instant, you have somewhere to hang all the towels you’ll ever need.

3. Jam jar storage

There are some very authentic-looking faux antique jam jars for sale around at the moment. They feature attractive designs and a clip-on lid that is meant to provide an airtight container for food. Use them for storing toothbrushes by the sink. Or if you really want to get technical, attach them to the wall to create extra space.

4. Shower curtain rail storage

If you struggle for space in and around your shower, there’s a good chance that you’re constantly tripping over shampoo and conditioner bottles when you’re washing. A very simple way to stop this from happening is to put up a second shower curtain rail — parallel to the main one. Use this second rail to hang your hair and hygiene products.

5. Don’t forget above your toilet

Most of us don’t think to add storage space directly above our toilet, but when you’re living with a tiny bathroom, every inch is important. Just one or two shelves here can make a great storage space for hand towels, loo paper and hygiene products.

6. Just above your door

Most houses have a few inches of wall space above doors, just below the ceiling. Fit a shelf above your bathroom door, and those few inches could make a massive difference to your daily life.

7. Magnetise

Metal hair pins, scissors, nail files and clippers often litter family bathrooms. This not only looks awful, it means these relatively small items tend to go missing very easily. To solve the problem, simply stick a magnetic strip to your bathroom wall — just above the sink is perfect.

8. Hooks

Anywhere you can place a hook will provide you with a very basic type of storage, which is perfect for hanging towels.

9. Store upwards in cupboards

If you have a bathroom cupboard, don’t restrict yourself to one level of storage. Head to your local hardware store, and buy some stackable storage bins… the ones used by builders for nails and spare parts. Place them in your cupboard, and use them to store makeup, perfumes, hygiene products and other bathroom paraphernalia. Creating various levels of storage will make the best use possible out of your cupboards.

10. Spice up your life

Spice racks are perfect for storing hygiene products. They are easy to put up, and you can use several together to make an interesting feature. If you want to have some fun, you can paint or stencil them, or even go to town with some art and crafts materials.

A little thought and planning when it comes to bathroom storage can improve your home… and your everyday life.

Shark Clean

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